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Dub Combo - NJD Siren + Delay
Dub Combo - NJD Siren + Delay Dub Combo - NJD Siren + Delay Dub Combo - NJD Siren + Delay
Dub Combo - NJD Siren + Delay

This product is currently made to order.

To discuss customisation, build times or anything else please use the enquiry button below:


NJD Dub siren plus top draw analog delay together in a combination style....

* NJD Siren
* Analog Style Dub Delay
* High Quality Components
* Twin Phono Output
* LED Indicators; Power, Trigger, Signal & Rate
* Strong Metal Case
* 9v

All the classic sounds, with built-in echo effect all in one box - perfect for the mobile selecta. Housed in a strong metal case with top quality components and buttons etc used throughout... a top ranking unit.

There are siren controls for Pitch, Mode, Rate, plus a trigger switch, trigger button and 2 sound shaper / siren buttons.

The echo is the Ras EFX Dub Delay ANALOG, with controls for Level, Repeats and Time. A top quality, classic tape style sound.

There is a twin phono output, perfect to plug into DJ mixers, pre amps etc. There is also a volume boost knob on the back should you need extra fire power.

Custom Options

This product can be customised, for example:

* Case Colour / Size
* Knob Colour / Type
* Output Type (Phono/RCA/Jack)

For more details please get in contact.



Power supply details
This item uses a standard guitar pedal PSU (not-supplied) with the following requirements:

* Output: 9V (9 volts)
* Negative Tip
* Positive Sleeve

It's recommended to use a reputable OG brand (eg Boss, Strymon, Line6 etc), although some of the cheaper alternatives do work ok.
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