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Dub Siren Laser Shot
Dub Siren Laser Shot Dub Siren Laser Shot Dub Siren Laser Shot
Dub Siren Laser Shot


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Star Wars meets Lickshot.... this device creates laser gun style sounds plus various police / emergency sirens.

A few different modes give a nice selection of noises all with a clean bright tone.

"Pass me the laser beam!"

* Laser gun and siren
* Compact design
* Metal Case
* Different colours available
* High quality components
* LED indicators; power, trigger & rate
* 1/4" mono jack out
* 9v DC power (not supplied)

There are controls for the pitch and rate of the sound - both have 3 fixed values (like the NJD siren) - plus a fully variable control. With a big red trigger button and two switches to adjust the siren length and shape.

Powered by a standard guitar pedal / Boss PSU (not supplied). This is the 9 volt centre negative type.

Demo video coming soon, for now check the siren as part of this multi box demo below (from 1:55)...

Custom Options

This product can be customised in many ways, for example:

* Case Colour
* LED Colour
* Knob Colour / Type
* Output Type (RCA/Jack)

For more details please get in contact.



Power supply details
This item uses a standard guitar pedal PSU (not-supplied) with the following requirements:

* Output: 9V DC (9 volts)
* Negative Tip
* Positive Sleeve

It's recommended to use a reputable OG brand (eg Boss, Strymon, Line6 etc), although some of the cheaper alternatives do work ok.
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