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Siren & Delay
Siren & Delay
This product is currently made to order.

To discuss customisation, build times or anything else please use the enquiry button below:


TJD-1000 - classic siren & delay combo rack unit.

* NJD style siren
* Top draw Analog Style Delay
* LED trigger / rate indicator
* Mono 1/4" Jack Out
* 9v External PSU (not supplied)
* Steel Case

Also available in DLX (metal knobs, lux panel etc) and Custom (hand painted effects) finishes. Get in contact for more details!

With internal PSU (custom option)...

With black front panel (various power/output options)...

Another custom version...

Custom Options

This product can be customised, for example:

* Front Panel Colour (Black / Silver or custom painted)
* Knob Colour / Type
* LED Colour
* Internal (mains) Power Supply
* Output Type (Phono/RCA/Jack)

For more details please get in contact.



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