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Reggae PreAmp (4-Way, 5u)
Reggae PreAmp (4-Way, 5u)
This product is currently made to order.

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Ras-5000 - Reggae Pre Amp, version 2 with plenty of features including:

* Phono Input (Stereo RCA)
* Line Input (Stereo RCA)
* Siren Input (Mono Jack) with 3 band EQ
* Mic Input (XLR or Jack) with 3 band EQ
* Input Mute Switches
* 3 x Assignable Send / Return Loops
* 10 Band Graphic EQ
* 4-Way Crossover with Kill Switches
* Sub Solo Switch
* Bass & Sub Kill Switch
* Custom or Standard Crossover Points
* Swapable Crossover Point Boards
* Semi Paramatric EQ for Each Freq. Range (way)
* Balanced (XLR) and Unbalanced (Jack / RCA) Outputs
* LED Level Meters (Inputs & Outputs)
* Top Quality Components & Connectors
* 5U Steel Case with Aluminium Front Panel

Custom Options

This product can be customised in many ways, for example:

* Front Panel Colour / Style
* Knob Colour / Type
* LED Colour
* FX Loop / Send & Return Options
* Graphic / Parametric EQ Options

For more details please get in contact.



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