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" Just to say i’m delighted with the Siren!! sounds great. works like a dream

much respect for you speedy service

peace and respect

mala "
 — London,

Great Product!!!

" Great product, well done and sounds awesome! "
 — Santiago, Chile,


" Hello,

I got the siren.

It’s amazing.

CC "
 — Brooklyn, NY, USA,


" Custom design spot on, goes well with my first piece of RAS equipment.
Great effect, clean as a whistle, using along side a boss unit and believe me it holds its own, no pun intended.
Nice one Tom, Yu ah de boss..... "
 — HATFIELD, Herts, United Kingdom,

TJD2000 BOOM !!!

" A well made crisp sounding bit of kit.
Cheers Tom, Nuff Nuff Resect, top notch bloke, full of knowledge and doesnt mind sharing it,
In the words of arnie, "i'll be back" "
 — HATFIELD, Herts, United Kingdom,

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