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" Hi, I wanted to thank you for this wonderful reverb !! It is perfect and sounds really like I wanted, the top of the top as usual, really beautiful works

Respect "
 — France,


" Thank you for the work put into building and posting the sampler. I’m VERY with happy it. Just to let you know, I had a sample unit built by *** decent outer build, internal build a little faulty. I had one built by ***, cheap plastic outer build , out of date buttons, old 80s samples. RAS EFX the best by far. Will be in contact for other products at some point. Thanks again , bless-up. "
 — Huddersfield, UK,

Hi bro!

" Just a few words to tell you that I’m really loving the dub siren.
Thanks a lot, we can feel this is quality stuff and it works perfectly.
Will test it live on next Saturday !
I will recommend your material to all soundmen in France ! "
 — France,

Dub Siren

" Great Product! Great Service!

Bless Up! "
 — new orleans, LA, United States,


" Just to say i’m delighted with the Siren!! sounds great. works like a dream

much respect for you speedy service

peace and respect

mala "
 — London,

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