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Dub Delay ANALOG
Dub Delay ANALOG Dub Delay ANALOG Dub Delay ANALOG
Dub Delay ANALOG


This product is currently made to order.

To discuss customisation, build times or anything else please use the enquiry button below:


A high quality delay unit, with amazing faux analog style sound.

Top sounding delay for use with sirens / sound system FX... a real nice combination.

There are control knobs for Delay Level, Feedback (repeats) and Delay Length. The left switch controls the direct (original input) signal and the right switch controls the effected (delayed) signal.

The LEDs indicate Direct on/off (Red), Power (Yellow) and Delay on/off (Green).

Housed in a metal case. Input and output are 1/4" mono jack plugs.

Powered by a standard guitar pedal / Boss PSU (not supplied). This is the 9 volt centre negative type.

The demo video below shows the previous version, same delay, different layout. Updated video coming soon.

Custom Options

This product can be customised, for example:

* Case Colour / Size
* Knob Colour / Type
* LED Colour

For more details please get in contact.



Power supply details
This item uses a standard guitar pedal PSU (not-supplied) with the following requirements:

* Output: 9V DC (9 volts)
* Negative Tip
* Positive Sleeve

It's recommended to use a reputable OG brand (eg Boss, Strymon, Line6 etc), although some of the cheaper alternatives do work ok.
Other Effects
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