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Reggae PreAmp (4-Way / Studio)
Reggae PreAmp (4-Way / Studio)

** SOLD **

This product is custom built / made to order or might be a one-off.

To discuss requests, ideas, customisation, build times, prices or anything else please use the enquiry button below:


A 4-way Reggae PreAmp primilary designed for home & studio use / recording sets / radio broadcast / DJ gigs on pa systems etc. It will work great on full sound systems but only has full range frequency outputs so an external crossover / DSP would be required.
Very adaptable FX loop system, plus insert points on all chains.
Gives a flat response when the relevant knobs are in 12 o'clock positions. Crisp and accurate for recording / broadcast purposes with plenty of EQ / sound shaping positiblities / potential. 4u Reggae Pre Amp, featuring:

* Phono In
* Line In
* Siren (mono) In + 3 band EQ
* Mic In + 3 band EQ
* Send / Return
* 7 Band EQ
* Bass Paramatric EQ
* 4-Way Crossover
* balanced, unbalanced + mixed outs
* LEDs / kill switches
* Steel Case

Custom Options

This product can be customised in many ways, for example:

* Front Panel Colour / Style
* Knob Colour / Type
* LED Colour
* FX Loop / Send & Return Options
* Graphic EQ Options
* Input Types

For more details please get in contact.



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