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Dub Delay MINI
Dub Delay MINI Dub Delay MINI Dub Delay MINI
Dub Delay MINI

** SOLD **

This product is custom built / made to order or might be a one-off.

To discuss requests, ideas, customisation, build times, prices or anything else please use the enquiry button below:


* Analog Style Delay
* Compact Design
* Quality Components
* Effect On/Off
* Direct On/Off
* LED Indicators
* 1/4" Mono Jack In/Out
* 9v power

Dub Delay MINI - a quality compact delay unit, with natural, vintage style sound.

Measurements ~ 110mm (W) x 58mm (L) x 50mm (H)

There are controls for the delay (echo) volume, the number of repeats and the length of delay. The two toggle switches control the effect on/off and the direct signal on/off.

DLY Level: Sets the volume of delays, from direct (dry) signal only to the loudest possible echos.
DLY Repeats: Controls the number of delayed repeats, from one repeat to infinite feedback and self-oscillation.
DLY Time: Controls the delay time from ~25ms to ~500ms.
Effect On/Off: Sets whether the delayed (wet) signal is included in the audio path. If this is off only the original signal is produced. Useful for turning echos on and off, when delaying music or vocals for example.
Direct On/Off: Controls whether the original (dry) signal is included in the audio path. If this is off only the delayed repeats are produced - perfect for using with send/return FX loops etc.

Powered by a standard guitar pedal / Boss PSU (not supplied). 9 volt centre negative type, available from eBay and guitar/music stores.

Custom Options

This product can be customised in many ways, for example:

* Case Colour
* Knob Colour
* Output Type (Phone/RCA/Jack)
* Power Type

For more details please get in contact.



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