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Dub Combo NJD Mini DLX Wood
Dub Combo NJD Mini DLX Wood Dub Combo NJD Mini DLX Wood Dub Combo NJD Mini DLX Wood
Dub Combo NJD Mini DLX Wood


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A deluxe version of the siren and delay combo box - this is designed for use with a matching mini preamp but works well as a stand alone device too.

There are individual connectors for both the siren (out) and the delay (in and out) plus a direct on/off switch for the delay effect - allowing use with a send/return FX system. To use as a stand alone device you will need a short patch cable between the siren out and delay in.

* NJD siren
* Analog style dub delay
* High quality components
* 1/4" mono jack inputs
* Mono and stereo use
* LED indicators; power, trigger, signal & rate
* Luxury case with solid wooden side panels
* 9v DC PSU (not supplied)

Also available with a SEG rather than NJD siren if desired.

The enclosure panels are solid wood and thefore may show some signs of inconsistencies / marks.

Custom Options

This product can be customised, for example:

* Front panel colour
* Knob colour / type

For more details please get in contact.



Power supply details
This item uses a standard guitar pedal PSU (not-supplied) with the following requirements:

* Output: 9V DC (9 volts)
* Negative Tip
* Positive Sleeve

It's recommended to use a reputable OG brand (eg Boss, Strymon, Line6 etc), although some of the cheaper alternatives do work ok.
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