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Wondering how to use a siren and / or effects in your set-up? There's lots of options depending on many factors but here's a few typical examples.....

Send & Return / FX Loops

A function common place in reggae pre-amps, desk mixers and some DJ mixers - the send & return FX loop.

This takes the assigned signal from the mixer to your effects chain and then back in to the mixer. It's perfect for sharing effects like delay and reverb across mulitple inputs eg... vinyl, siren & mic.

Be sure to check your FX Loop connectors and whether you need a stereo or mono effect / connection!

The downside of sharing effects via loops - you may have to compromise on your delay settings etc (different settings will be more effective for music / siren / mic etc). So some people will prefer dedicated effects......

Dedicated EFX / No Send & Return

If there's no send & return option on your mixer or you prefer to have dedicated effects for the siren you could go for the built-in or daisy chain option. Check out the various combo units on this website for sirens with built-in delay and reverb! Available in portable or rackmount versions.

If you're going in to a stereo line channel on a DJ mixer make sure you have stereo connections - many sirens / effects will have a single mono output. The Dub Combo box is a popular choice for stereo inputs, and also works great in mono set-ups.

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